The STAMP and the Global Seal of Biliteracy

LW5s Education is proud to partner with Avant Assessment to offer the STAMP 4s and STAMP 4se Tests and with the Global Seal of Biliteracy.  Successfully passing the STAMP is a way to fulfill world language requirements for high school graduation and college admissions, obtain college credits, and to obtain internationally recognized and official proof of language proficiency.  The Stamp 4s is offered to students in grades 7 through adult. The 4se is for grades 1-6.  We offer the STAMP in the following languages: French, Spanish, Italian, English, and Arabic.  

We offer the STAMP as part of our programs but individuals can also register to pass the STAMP.

The STAMP is built into the following programs:

- M.Ed in Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education

- Future Teachers

- Bilingual Theater

Those who have enrolled in any of these programs for Global Impact will pre-test before the start of the study abroad and then test within 30 days of returning from their study abroad unless you are a true beginner and have never taken a language previously.

To Register for the STAMP, please choose the option that best fits your situation below.

M.Ed Program 

Use this form to register for the STAMP if you are enrolled in the M.Ed program.  You must pretest at least 30 days before beginning language study or before the study abroad portion of your program, whichever comes first. 

You must take your final test within 30 days of completing the study abroad portion of your program or your 3rd quarter of language study, whichever comes last.